Make your expatriation a success !

Hello, I am Wilfried L. and I have been a Swiss resident for 25 years now, specializing in finance and expatriation.

I regularly travel to the United Arab Emirates which is a dynamic country, geographically central and with an exceptional quality of life. Dubai, one of the seven emirates, is the perfect example. Its international reputation attracts more and more expatriates and investors attracted by all the advantages offered.

I have seen that many expatriation services are offered but often with shortcomings and requirements far from our Western and particularly Swiss standards. Moreover, many of my relatives turned to me to benefit from my expertise and my help when they were already paying for a service but it did not meet their expectations.

To discover and leave serenely, you need expertise but also a highly qualitative follow-up and support. This is what I offer you with the best means at your disposal, with the best interlocutors.

Choosing us means choosing the perfect match between network, expertise and Swiss quality.

We adapt to your requirements, particularities with flexibility and agility for a turnkey installation.

Our services

We provide you with all the services you need for a serene and turnkey installation. We adapt to your specific needs.

From the necessary administrative formalities for visa applications, to insurance, banking services, real estate searches, business creation, we manage all your needs and issues.

Whether for housing, investments, for professional or personal purposes, we are here!

Our watchword? Swiss quality to meet your requirements

Whether you are in the preparation phase or already on site, we will accompany you throughout your projects in the United Arab Emirates.

Benefit from our unique and tailor-made experience to make your expatriation a success!